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Laboratory Magnetic Levitated Vortex Dyeing

Machine Model–HJ-18L/HJ-18CSL (With Cooling Device), HJ-18CSL dyes samples weighing from 5 gms to 50 gms, HJ 8200L dyes samples weighing 100-200 gms

Laboratory Bobbin Winding Machine

HJ-S20-1B/HJ-S20-2B (Twin Balance) HJ-S20-2BF (Twin Balance with Yarn Feeder), Simultaneously winds two yarns

Laboratory Bobbin Cleaning Machine

Model–HJ-1860 (3 Cleaning Position), HJ-2060 (6 Cleaning Position), Cleans the wound yarn after dyeing

Liquid Chemical Dosing System for HJ-18CSL

External and optionally available Dyeing Auxillary Dispensing or Dosing System for Hang Jie HJ-18ACD Dyeing Machine is latest in the range from Hang Jie. Ideal for on-time, accurate dosing of chemical without human intervention.

Magnetic Levitated Vortex Package

Latest in the range of Patented Technology Magnetic Levitated Vortex Package Dyeing Machine with fixed dyepots and controller

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