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From formulation of fan-deck shades to paint dispensing to POS systems at dealer point, AGS provides paint dispensers from global leaders. Fast & Fluid Management and with X-Rite colour management systems, it further provides formulations & POS systems.
AGS markets products that are precise, quick and cost effective, making us one of the market leaders in paint dispensing and colour technologies.


The most Economical Dispenser,16 canisters with 2.25l capacity


Mid level Dispenser,16 canisters- 2.3L * 12L & 4.6L*4L


Most Affordable Benchtop Reflectance Spectrophotometer, Measuring Geometrics : d/8º, DRS spectral engine, Simulta neous SPIN/SPEX


High Performance Reference Reflectance /Transmission Spectrophotometer


Reference Benchtop Reflectance/Transmission Spectrophotometer


Mid segment Reflection / Transmission spectrophotometer


Improving color management throughout the supply chain

MA-T12 & MA-T6 Portable Multi-AngleSpectrophotometers

Combines colour imaging and enabling the most complete characterization - sparkle, coarseness and colour of effect finishes

RM200QC Portable Spectrocolorimeter

Most affordable Color Difference Meter, Easy to carry as can fit into apron pocket.


Colour Viewing Light Booth Quality visual assessment through supply chain-wide lighting control

Judge QC–Color Viewing Light Booth

Better color evaluation of materials and products with consistent lighting. Robust & industrial construction for long lasting service

Harmony Room

Customized fit-and-finish rooms for best-in-class daylight simulation viewing, for quality control inspections of large samples

Color iMatch®

Color Formulation, Correction & Quality Control Software

Color IQC Professional

Quality Control software, Ensuring accurate, consistent color across a global supply chain

Net Profiler 3.0

Enables dissimilar instruments for accurate communication, Reduces the variance between like instruments.

Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test Kit

Color Discrimination Test - Whether Colourist can discriminate small colour differences.


The Ultimate Mixing Machine Reference

Manual fill One

Can Filling Machine, Easy to install and easy to use.

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