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AGS offers a wide range of products for Textile industry that provide easy lab to bulk solutions.
In partnership with the best global companies, AGS aims to provide best-in-class lab dyeing solutions to ensure accurate results with every use, thus assuring less time and optimum usage of resources. It also provides Dye-House automation, covering right from dye powder dispensing to central monitoring system.

ERX130 Automated Inline Color Measurement

During manufacturing, colour shifts can be costly, resulting in waste, rework and delayed time to market. Using high quality inline colour measurement instruments provides operators with the real-time colour information required to avoid costly production line errors


The new Ci7860 has an inter-instrument agreement specification of 0.06 average Delta E*; this represents a 25 percent improvement over other sphere spectrophotometers.

Ci7800-Reflectance/Transmission Spectrophotometer

From inspiration through formulation, production and quality control, the Ci7800 benchtop sphere spectrophotometer is one of the most advanced instruments in the market, ideal for ensuring color consistency for even the most complex products.

Ci7600 Reflectance/Transmission Spectrophotomete

Ensuring that color is right the first time, right every time means reduced rejects, rework and waste in a color-critical supply chain for both production and quality control.

Ci4200/Ci4200UV For Reflectance Measurement

A reliable and accurate benchtop spectrophotometer that serves as the foundation for operations seeking to establish a colour control program or one looking to improve an existing program that currently relies on non-spectral devices or visual inspection pass/fail methods.

Ci6x Series Portable Spectrophotometers

The new Ci6x series of high-performance Portable Spectrophotometers from X-Rite pantone helps improve quality, accuracy and consistency in QC and QA workflows and process control.

Color iMatch® For Formulating Plastics, Coatings and Textiles

Ensuring accurate, consistent colour throughout a global supply chain can be challenging. Colour iMatch, the Colour formulation for industrial applications, as an integral part of the colour workflow, specifiers and suppliers alike assures that design intent is carried through to the final product.

Color iQC For Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Color iQC is compatible with most popular colour quality control data formats, so you can easily upgrade without risk to your data.

RM200QC For Quick Color Comparisons

Bridges the gap between colour appearance and material colour (from incoming material batches to outgoing product shipments) in an elegant portable unit that fits comfortably in your hand.

Color iTaper

Minimizes the colour difference from piece to piece within a lot Incorporates CMC (2:1) colour difference equation for best tapering of an inventory.

SpectraLight QC–Color Viewing Light Booth

A holistic visual colour assessment system that consistently quality controls colour-critical product categories. It starts with state-of-the-art light sources capable of meeting practically any brand owner specification.

Judge QC–Color Viewing Light Booth

Offers an economical and effective way to judge colour wherever the colour quality needs to be evaluated, improving quality control operations.

NetProfiler 3.0 Software For Device Optimization

Inconsistent colour measurement has been a major obstacle to enterprise-wide colour management. NetProfiler allows measurement data to be exchanged only between similar instruments to the tolerance of those instruments, thus revolutionising the global colour management.

Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test Kit

Determines colour vision anomalies and colour aptitude Four trays, each containing a segment of 85 colour reference disks mounted in recessed area of individual black plastic caps.

PLC controlled Dye Kitchen and Management System

Copower Technology Co., Ltd of Taiwan offers clean, quick and accurate dye dispensing of recipes with minimal maintenance. It combines the already proven technology of true gravimetric existing dispensers with a new operational method of dispensing directly from the dye solution bottles into the recipe dye-pots.

CAMS 90–Automatic Stock Solution Maker

Stock Solution making is a task needs high accuracy of dyestuffs weighing with precision weigh scale and addition of accurate amount of water at a specific temperature. To ensure consistent results, calibrated glassware, measuring cylinder and balance is a must. Accurate solution preparation plays a vital role in giving consistent repeatable results.

Sandolab–Supermat Laboratory Dyeing Machine

Laboratory dyeing machine for fabrics including polyester, cotton, wool, silk

Guided Weighing System

Controlled Weighing of Dyestuffs Recipes. Accurate weighing of dyestuff, Reduces error due to wrong selection of dyestuffs and wrong weighing.

Auto Dye-Kitchen-Dye Dissolver & Transfer

Useful for dyestuff dissolving, Eliminates human error, Auto feed of hot and cold water, Auto bi-direction mixing.

On-Time Automatic Liquid

Chemical Dispensing System, Increases weighing accuracy, Reduces spillage during transportation and incorrect weighing, increasing productivity & profitability nylon etc.

Arel Controllers

Suitable for controlling the most sophisticated textile processes, Batch dyeing machines, Continuous & finishing machinery.

Laboratory Magnetic Levitated Vortex Dyeing

Machine Model–HJ-18L/HJ-18CSL (With Cooling Device), HJ-18CSL dyes samples weighing from 5 gms to 50 gms, HJ 8200L dyes samples weighing 100-200 gms

Laboratory Bobbin Winding Machine

HJ-S20-1B/HJ-S20-2B (Twin Balance) HJ-S20-2BF (Twin Balance with Yarn Feeder), Simultaneously winds two yarns

Laboratory Bobbin Cleaning Machine

Model–HJ-1860 (3 Cleaning Position), HJ-2060 (6 Cleaning Position), Cleans the wound yarn after dyeing

Liquid Chemical Dosing System for HJ-18CSL

External and optionally available Dyeing Auxillary Dispensing or Dosing System for Hang Jie HJ-18ACD Dyeing Machine is latest in the range from Hang Jie. Ideal for on-time, accurate dosing of chemical without human intervention.

Magnetic Levitated Vortex Package

Latest in the range of Patented Technology Magnetic Levitated Vortex Package Dyeing Machine with fixed dyepots and controller

Digital Light Engraver (DLE) for Rotary

Coated screen which is directly exposed with UV light without masking it with wax, ink or film. No consumables needed, The DMD modulates the light of high power UV exposure lamp while exposing the image on the coated screen using 800,000 micro mirrors

Inkjet Engraver for Rotary and Flat-Bed Screens

Directly jets the image to the light sensitive coated screen and later exposes, Washes out image as per conventional engraving process it to UV light

Novajet Rotary Screen Stripping(Cleaning) System

Environment friendly rotary screen stripping machine it to UV light, High pressure water jet to remove the photo emulsion, Uses very little quantity of water.

Rotary Screen Developing System

Develops rotary screens post exposure, Complete stainless steel structure, Equipped with two rollers covered with cleaning carpet and a nozzle bar with 2 angles nozzles.

Rotary Screen Inspection System

Used for inspection of rotary screens after completion of stripping & developing process.

Rotary Screen Coating System

Coats the photo emulsion evenly on the rotary screens, Adjustable speed control.

Semi-Auto Powder Dye Dispensing System

Accurate Weighing of dyestuff, Avoids error in weighing and hence rejection of dyed material or redyeing, High precision two weigh scales for large and small quantities to be weighed.

Automatic Powder Dye Dispensing System

Fully Automatic Gravimetric Dispensing of Powder / Granular Dyestuff, Dyestuffs Feeding into Silos by Suction, Patented Design.

Automatic Dye Dissolving & Transfer System

Useful for dyestuff dissolving and transfer. Eliminates human error. Auto feed of hot and cold water.

Automatic Liquid Chemical Dispensing

Fully Automatic Gravimetric Dispensing of Powder / Granular Dyestuff. Dyestuffs Feeding into Silos by Suction. Patented Design.

Automatic Liquid Chemical Dispensing System

ATM machine for required quantity of requisite chemicals. Increases accuracy of weighing. Increases productivity and hence profitability

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