Based in USA, a global leader in colour technology, X-Rite, which develops, manufactures , markets and supports innovative colour solutions. Pantone Inc., a leader in colour industry is now a part of X-Rite, has colour measurement systems, softwares, colour standards and services for different sectors. X-Rite is an expert in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching colour which makes it possible for the user to get right colour every time. This is also the why X-Rite product gives better quality and also reduces cost. X-Rite`s customer base includes companies from printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textile etc.


Founded in 1998, China, Cut CNC offers a wide range of sampling and packaging machines for corrugation industry. It offers machine right from CAD machine, flatbed cutter, sampling, cutting plotter, large format print cutting solution etc. The motto of company is to reduce the manual work and the production cost in the short as well as long run production in packaging. The company serves to multi country clients in regions such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Middle East, Africa, India and South East Asia etc.

IDEX – Fast and Fluid Management (FFM)

Fast & Fluid is a people oriented company from Germany, which believes their efforts, commitment and technology bring in synergy towards satisfying every need of the customer in best possible way. Besides a range of paint dispensers, mixers and shakers that can be used in various applications, it provides additional services that help in quickly and successfully implement the tinting concept: software, training, installation, maintenance and other services and simultaneously helps customers reach their commercial objectives which set them apart from their competition.

Copower Technology Co. Ltd.

Copower Technology is a company dedicated towards manufacturing of lab automatic equipment for colour related industry. The company, based in Taiwan, develops, manufactures, tests and provides services to customer for their 360° requirement. The product range consists of automatic dispensing system, auto-mate system, multi-light, lab dyer, colour paste mixer, padding mangle, pad-steam dyeing machine, etc. Since its inception, the company has its 3 guiding principles: Creativity, honesty and service. The company’s products are high on product efficiency and performance and consistently aim to evolve in the automation field to serve the industry in a better way.

Hang Jie Xing Ye Co. Ltd

Incorporated in 1998, Hang Jie Xing Ye Co. Ltd., from Taiwan, is one of the leaders in designing and manufacturing the laboratory dyeing equipment. The company`s basic operational fundamentals are based on the huge experience it hold in the field. The products it serves hold high efficiency and are developed to keeping the customers in mind. This gives the company the confidence to approach any customers and address to their problem with its world class offerings. The company`s objective is to responsibly serve the market with quality products.


CST GmbH came in existence in the year 1989 in Germany, with the then existing new technology in the textile market. Just in a few years of its inception the company earned reputation and catered to customers in more than 50 countries with its drum scanners and film plotters.
Evolving as per customer needs, the company developed imaging machines for the textile market for flat and round printing. It then introduces the engravers where the engraving process started with a mask engraving system by wax. Later it changed to the much cheaper and faster ink system. The newest technology is the imaging by the DLE machines with DMD technology.